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Current status

Dear user,

we are working hard to upgrade as announced at the beginning of this year. Shortly you will be able to see major changes on our main website and registration process!
Registration remains closed from October 1st, 2018 until December 1st, 2018.
Just after that new control panel for users will be avilable.
Kind regards, team








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Previous status

Check out previous news for updates.


Dear user,

we would like to wish you Happy New Year! With new year we have a good announcement for all of our users. During this year 2018 will be re-done to new generation software that is behind and provide more features on FREE hosting and we will add low-cost paid professional hosting with all the goodies you can need!. Until then registration remains open. Shortly before we are ready to change for new system we will lock the registration process.
Kind regards, team


Dear user,

we would like to notify you of downtime for selected services.
During this downtime we will upgrade our storage and database servers. On database servers we are migrating from MySQL to MariaDB.
Kind regards, team


Dear user,

with the growth of we have to make sure to be able to provide good services. Therefore we are forced to start enforcing "Terms of Services" of
Please carefully ready a summary of 1) what a credible account must have, 2) not allowed content hosted on, 3) checks that will be in place to make sure all rules are followed and to clean from account breaking those rules.

1) credible account:
- account on should serve for web site hosting, therefore web site must be hosted on space provided by All other services, like email or ftp are secondary and they won't be counted as proper use of account.
- web site hosted at must be functional site with content owned by account holder (please see point 2 - not allowed content). For example a plain installation of forum or portal software like phpBB or Joomla without content won't be counted as proper use of account.
- storage space provided by is 500MB per account. Space use will be monitored and overuse of space by will result in notification of user and after period of time (see point 3) with no response - account will be removed.
- it is possible to request additional webspace for bigger sites as we would like to promote those sites and make sure they will grow in future

2) not allowed content:
- any kind of nudity, eroticism, porn is strictly forbidden (escort services included)
- warez hosting (pirated movies and applications)
- proxies and anonymizers
- download scripts for filesharing services
- virus & xss script hosting is forbidden

3) what we will check:
- functionality as website
- disk space usage
- hosted content

All automatic scans and checks will send a email notification to account holder with 1 month to solve the problem described in email. Please keep in mind that you can always contact us with problem at [email protected]. Any violation of point 2 will result to account removal without the possibility of appeal.

We hope that with this we will be able to proved to those of you who are using for their sites much better service and more stable service.

We are open to suggestions from users and we will try to make them happen.

Kind regards, team

Notice: the following announcement was sent by email to all users


Dear users,

we would like to notify you of downtime for selected services.
Services will be updated according to this schedule:

  • users webpages - downtime from Friday 9th of September from 11:00 to 20:00
  • DB servers - downtime from 10th of September from 9:00 to 12:00
  • Blog service - will be removed
  • SSH service - finally SSH service will start to work at Sunday 11th.

The Team


Dear users,

we would like to notify you of changes recently applied to services. After longer testing we have decided to remove following extensions from PHP on users pages:

  • curl
  • ftp
  • imap
  • posix
  • shm

From January 2011 we have changed PHP session storage backend to memcached what you should see in speedup of your pages while using sessions.

Account backup: if you wish to have your user account included in backup procedure, please log-on to and in section 'account information' click-on the 'Backup my account' option.
The Team