How do I set up my email account? What information do I need?

When you register your account, your mail is already set up. Your mail address is [email protected].

You can use POP3, IMAP or's webmail to access your mail. For more information, you can find it in the section "How can I read my mail".

You can use one of the following ways to access your email:

  • POP3

    POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol 3. It is a method of accessing your email. It allows you to download all your mail from Mail Server to your local computer. If you have downloaded your mail, you can manipulate it without the need of a connection.
    Programs providing POP3 are one of these:
    Windows: MS Outlook Express, MS Outlook, Netscape Mailer, The Bat

    POP3 server: (port 110)
    In combination with POP3 use SMTP to send your mails. Use the SMTP server of your Internet Service Provider.
    You can use SSL support for POP3 connection.

  • IMAP

    IMAP server: (port 143)

  • WebMail

    WebMail - WebMail is the web service that allows you to manipulate (read and send) your mails direct on the server. It is very practical, when you use more than one computer to access and manipulate your mails. You do not have to set any mail program, all mails are stored direct on the Server.'s webmail provide you to use folder sorting, filtering your mail, auto response, calendar, address book and much more. You can access it at the address:

You can check it using one of the ways mentioned in the "How can I read my mail?".

You can change your information at the page. Please login using your login and password at

Not Yet. It is in progress. It will be available soon.